24 Days…

24 Days…

Less than one month til the “For the Church – EP” hits the world… or at least whoever is willing to listen! 

I am so excited to be working on this amazing project for everyone to hear. It’s been a long time since this was even just a few song lines on a page, and I’m really looking forward to it. A short 5 track EP with songs rooted in my faith and an interlude titled “The Reason” which explains why I decided to do it. 

Fun story; I was on the phone with a friend when I had this crazy idea to make the interlude’s explanation speech start by having a few friends ask ‘why i wanted to do a christian EP’ over the phone. So when it comes time for people to hear it, I suppose I do have 6 features now. 

For anyone maybe interested in hearing it, but not coming from a church background, I would certainly hope you give this album a chance and listen to it, and even ponder over it.

24 days… 

Hey! Here’s a sneak peak at the songs to be on it!

The Back
49 Days…

49 Days…

I think I’ve made it pretty known that something is on its way… And now that we’re under 50 days I figured It may be worth a mention. So for now I’m only gonna leave you with 2 things; a name and a cover.

This EP will be available January 1, 2019 on all major music platforms and in CD form. More to come on this project soon and thanks for the support!

Mark you Calender’s for January 1, 2019 as I tackle a whole new style with this EP – ‘For The Church’

RUN – Acoustic

RUN – Acoustic

Ladies and Gents I give to you… Run. Yesterday we competed in the Battle of the Bands for a chance to open the LEX Party. Although we won the competition, the party was cancelled due to the weather. In our utterly depressed state we took to the basement and recorded a version of the newest song RUN which was premiered Yesterday with the newest member Josh Lacroix. In this you will find: 4 dudes, some instruments, and a voice crack…. Enjoy!


Sneak Peak Preview

Sneak Peak Preview


First of all I would encourage you all to take a look at the events page… Because a couple things have made their way onto it towards the end of August!

Little tidbit for everyone:

As mentioned before, I am planning to release  2 Ep’s this year and soon; one with the band, and one as a solo venture for church music.

So here you go: The artwork for the Church – EP (not the name so we are all clear)

Artwork by Liana

Anyways, names, songs, sounds, and more  coming soon!

The Lull

The Lull

Alright so here’s the scoop….

I’ve been on a crazy music lull lately. For a while there has been no part of me that has actually actively wanted to pick up an instrument, just because I could. So this in mind (and going on for a while) I kinda thought maybe a string of shows would help.

Nah. It did not. I played four shows in a week. All solo. One of which was even on a stage I’ve wanted to play on for a while and yet, nothing.

Two more weeks go by, and for pure disciplinary purposes, I picked up a guitar for a half hour and just kinda muddled on it. Nothing crazy exciting happened. Sure enough, a buddy had me wandering around a golf course after-hours and I took this picture and for whatever reason some part of me was thrown back into some lyrics I wrote a while ago specifically about colour schemes in the sky.

Between the picture and the soon-after show at the Social Pub  (June 10)  I’m really pumped to just invite you all to stay tuned as the Band plans to release some cool news this summer! Furthermore I am going to be taking on a small solo project of my own which I am super excited for!

~ More on both of these to come ~

All this to say I’m feeling driven again to do what I’ve always wanted to do and I appreciate the support!

Keep an ear out!

Superstition – 2017

Superstition – 2017

Hey all,

I’d been going through videos putting together some media to use for demos for upcoming opportunities, and one of the ones  that I found myself grooving to was Superstition from last year. This was the Band’s performance from July 15, 2017  in the Parkette on Kent Street.


Superstition – Nathan Bottomley Band


2017 with the Band

2017 with the Band

As 2017 has officially come to a close, the boys and I wanted to put a bit of a video together, to show that we sometimes do fun things. We only got together in February of 2017, and it just kinda stuck. So much later in the year (September) we decided to solidify it by hanging out more and taping some fun stuff that we had previously joked about.

Now we know that this is 15 minutes long, and we promise they will be shorter as they go, and more frequent… But here is our 2017 looking at the life of the band because we don’t just do music.


New Tune!

New Tune!

Hey all!

Just for the fun of it and because it’s been kicking on my laptop for a while, here’s a new tune that I was able to record last year for an anniversary. Not as upbeat as ‘Burrow’ but definitely a fun one to make as it uses real instruments alongside some digital ones.

~ Come on out to Buckhorn this Saturday to see the band perform at “Rock the Locks”

Hope you all Enjoy

Love on Display

Upcoming: Concerts in the Park

Upcoming: Concerts in the Park

Nathan Bottomley and the band will be playing at Lindsay’s Concerts in the Park on Wednesday Night August 2nd 7pm. Nathan Bottomley will be playing for 40 minutes with the loop pedal, before the band joins him  for the next hour and 20 minutes!

There will be a variety of originals and covers throughout the evening so come on out and enjoy the event the township of Lindsay has put on!



9 Days After Antics

9 Days After Antics

So… 9 Days after antics and here’s a recap:

“My fourth and final year at antics was amazing! It’s been incredible to  play at Antics the last four years and to grow musically through it.  I got to meet some talented people! Huge thanks to teachers for both the push to play, and the opportunity.”

“So Far Gone – Nathan Bottomley”

“Hunter Peeters playing a solo piano piece”

“Sarah and Nathan –  Wandering”

“The Band”

Left to Right: Nathan Bottomley, Martin Brien, Hunter Peeters, Cole Hallman