Superstition – 2017

Hey all,

I’d been going through videos putting together some media to use for demos for upcoming opportunities, and one of the ones  that I found myself grooving to was Superstition from last year. This was the Band’s performance from July 15, 2017  in the Parkette on Kent Street.


Superstition – Nathan Bottomley Band


2017 with the Band

As 2017 has officially come to a close, the boys and I wanted to put a bit of a video together, to show that we sometimes do fun things. We only got together in February of 2017, and it just kinda stuck. So much later in the year (September) we decided to solidify it by hanging out more and taping some fun stuff that we had previously joked about.

Now we know that this is 15 minutes long, and we promise they will be shorter as they go, and more frequent… But here is our 2017 looking at the life of the band because we don’t just do music.


New Tune!

Hey all!

Just for the fun of it and because it’s been kicking on my laptop for a while, here’s a new tune that I was able to record last year for an anniversary. Not as upbeat as ‘Burrow’ but definitely a fun one to make as it uses real instruments alongside some digital ones.

~ Come on out to Buckhorn this Saturday to see the band perform at “Rock the Locks”

Hope you all Enjoy

Love on Display

Upcoming: Concerts in the Park

Nathan Bottomley and the band will be playing at Lindsay’s Concerts in the Park on Wednesday Night August 2nd 7pm. Nathan Bottomley will be playing for 40 minutes with the loop pedal, before the band joins him  for the next hour and 20 minutes!

There will be a variety of originals and covers throughout the evening so come on out and enjoy the event the township of Lindsay has put on!



9 Days After Antics

So… 9 Days after antics and here’s a recap:

“My fourth and final year at antics was amazing! It’s been incredible to  play at Antics the last four years and to grow musically through it.  I got to meet some talented people! Huge thanks to teachers for both the push to play, and the opportunity.”

“So Far Gone – Nathan Bottomley”

“Hunter Peeters playing a solo piano piece”

“Sarah and Nathan –  Wandering”

“The Band”

Left to Right: Nathan Bottomley, Martin Brien, Hunter Peeters, Cole Hallman


Meet The Trio

As premiered on Saturday March 25  at the Spill:  The Nathan Bottomley Trio played  for a Habitat for Humanity event.  The event ran from 3-6:30pm and the Nathan Bottomley Trio took the stage at 5:00pm. They played  for half an hour and the set consisted  of 8 original songs both new writes and off the EP.  Nathan was be accompanied by two  accomplished musicians from the local area.

Nathan Truax

Cole Emmerson Hallman

Event Setlist:

  1. Let’s See the Future
  2. Over and Over
  3. Wandering
  4. Burrow
  5. Sincerest Regards
  6. Together Forever
  7. I Want to be For You
  8. So Far Gone

March – Looking Ahead

Looking ahead at what March has in store!:

  • March 10, 2017 – Boiling Over’s Coffee Vault – 7-9pm *Featuring Sarah Bottomley*
  • March  15, 2017 – St. Louis Bar and Grill – 5-9pm *Part of a Live Lineup*
  • March 17, 2017  – St. Louis Bar and Grill – 2-5pm *St. Patty’s Day Lineup*
  • March 25, 2017 – The Spill – 3-6:30pm *Habitat for Humanity Lineup*

If you’re looking at planning ahead – March 10th has a few cool things to look out for – such as:

Sarah Bottomley (Nathan’s sister) will be joining him for a portion of the time at Boiling Over’s Coffee Vault. Sarah enjoys to sing, and she is going to do some songs herself,  as well as some sweet, sweet, harmonizing!

Furthermore, Nathan is looking to roll out a few  new tunes! It will definitely be worth your while  to come on out and hear these tunes for the first time:

Shape of You (Ed Sheeran), Burrow (Nathan Bottomley), Leather Jacket (Arkells), Paris (Chainsmokers), What If I Gave Everything (Casting Crowns),  Castle On The Hill (Ed Sheeran), Savannah (Arkells), Let’s See The Future (Nathan Bottomley), Closer (Chainsmokers), My Hearts Always Yours (Arkells),  Neon (John Mayer), How Would You Feel (Ed Sheeran),   Along with several others!

Sounds like a great way to start the March Break!

February Update

Entering the last full week of February is cause to look back at the past week and see all that happened!

Over the past week I was able to  play at St. Louis to commence in raising money for PTBO Live (Wed. Feb 15).

On Friday, I played in the Lobby of Market Hall as Missy Knott   held her  EP Release Party (Fri. Feb 17).

On Saturday I was given the privilege to do sound for the Anchors   at the Armouries as they performed music for just more than 3  hours  for a Valentine’s dance. It was amazing to hear them play (Sat. Feb 18).

Finally, Sunday was back to the usual as I was blessed to lead Westmount Bible Chapel in worship (Sun. Feb 19).

Be sure to keep and eye out for upcoming events as they are being added to the calendar! Also: TUNE INTO 91.9 BOB FM ON THURSDAY MORNING AT AROUND 9:45 AM. Bob FM (in the Lindsay area)  is going to be playing my track “So Far Gone”  in advance of Friday’s show  at Weldon: featuring the Kents.

Opening for the Kents @ Weldon (7-9pm – Friday, February 24, 2017)

Nathan Bottomley Band @ Soupfest (11am-2pm – Saturday, February 25, 2017


Valentine’s Day Demo

As briefly hinted to before: Introducing a song in light of Valentine’s Day!  An excuse to release a song about a girl…

This song is called ‘Burrow’ Hope you all enjoy  it and if you do please share it!

Burrow – Nathan Bottomley


If you’re in the mood for some live entertainment tomorrow between 5 and 9pm, come out to St. Louis in Peterborough as we begin to raise money for Peterborough Live Music Festival!