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New Tune!

Hey all!

Just for the fun of it and because it’s been kicking on my laptop for a while, here’s a new tune that I was able to record last year for an anniversary. Not as upbeat as ‘Burrow’ but definitely a fun one to make as it uses real instruments alongside some digital ones.

~ Come on out to Buckhorn this Saturday to see the band perform at “Rock the Locks”

Hope you all Enjoy

Love on Display

Upcoming: Concerts in the Park

Nathan Bottomley and the band will be playing at Lindsay’s Concerts in the Park on Wednesday Night August 2nd 7pm. Nathan Bottomley will be playing for 40 minutes with the loop pedal, before the band joins him  for the next hour and 20 minutes!

There will be a variety of originals and covers throughout the evening so come on out and enjoy the event the township of Lindsay has put on!


Aside from this show, the band has some other shows coming up this summer to keep a lookout for.

They are also in the process of choosing a band name, so ideas are greatly appreciated.

Hope to see you at Concerts in the Park!


9 Days After Antics

So… 9 Days after antics and here’s a recap:

“My fourth and final year at antics was amazing! It’s been incredible to  play at Antics the last four years and to grow musically through it.  I got to meet some talented people! Huge thanks to teachers for both the push to play, and the opportunity.”

“So Far Gone – Nathan Bottomley”

“Hunter Peeters playing a solo piano piece”

“Sarah and Nathan –  Wandering”

“The Band”

Left to Right: Nathan Bottomley, Martin Brien, Hunter Peeters, Cole Hallman