Month: May 2016

PTBO Live 2016

Me at Crazy PianoPeterborough Live Music Festival this year was incredible! Nathan was given the chance to play at 5 of the 14 venues including the kick-off at Crazy piano, and St. Louis Bar and Grill for the Recap night! All of the venues hosted amazing talents and created a great platform for many musicians. The festival on the whole made for an incredible weekend, and we’re looking forward to Peterborough live 2017!

A huge thank you to everyone who made it out!

Antics 2016

Live: I’m a Mess – Ed Sheeran

Antics 2016 was yet again a blast! The show took place April 27 and 28, and featured a variety of performers including many musicians and actors. Nathan Bottomley played both as a solo act and with a band, ‘Sonic Edge’. The Youtube clip from his solo song; I’m a Mess by Ed Sheeran can be seen above. The solo song features Nathan on an acoustic guitar, singing – accompanied by a loop pedal – Check it out!

Thanks to everyone who made it out this year! – For those who made it out to Antics Night #2 this year; here is the picture that was taken from the stage with the lights in the Academy Theatre!